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Machine Vision for Engineered Woods

VisionSmart is a group of professionals specializing in solving difficult industrial scanning problems. The company strives to provide customers with cost-effective, highly customized solutions integrating high-speed digital signal processing with state-of-the-art machine vision technology.


Founded in 1987, VisionSmart has remained dedicated to providing innovative solutions that give its customers a special advantage. The company has applied its strengths to a wide variety of applications in several diverse industries, and has led a number of research and development projects which pushed the envelope of modern scanning technology.


VisionSmart continues to develop new applications for machine vision while constantly improving its technological capabilities.

Our Services

VisionSmart provides turn-key vision and optimization systems to some of the largest wood products manufacturers in the world.  We specialize in solutions for OSB, LSL, LVL, MDF, HDF, PB, Plywood and other engineered wood products.  Our equipment fully integrates with industry standard PLCs, and Trending/SCADA packages.

Our Services

Density & Weight Measurement

VisionSmart designs and constructs x-ray systems to measure density and detect foreign bodies in both pressed panels and formed mats. 

Equipment Monitoring

VisionSmart designs and constructs systems to monitor mechanical equipment for damage during operation to help prevent downtime and  fires.

Thickness and Dimensional Measurements

VisionSmart produces non-contact online 2D and 3D measurement systems for panel thickness, cut up dimensions, T&G profile and wood fiber.

Volume Measurement

VisionSmart has several systems to measure fill volume of bins, log pockets, and conveyors. 

Custom Applications

With vast experience in machine vision, 2D scanning, 3D scanning, density measurement, and automation, we can help with your custom scanning applications.

Surface Grading

VisionSmart designs and constructs machine vision systems to scan for sanding line defects, overlayment defects, strand alignment, mat forming and more.

Ready to find out more?

We would be pleased to discuss solutions with you and your team.  We are available for both virtual meetings and site visits.  Please don't hesitate to contact us if your facility could utilize our services. 

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